Saturday, November 15, 2008

A tote bag

Okay, so it's been months since I've done an update. I swear I'm going to try to do better.

A few months ago my mother showed me a drawsting tote bag that she had that she liked a lot but she was tired of the cutesy fabric it was made from. She wanted to know if I could figure out how it was made and make one. Sure, I was up for the challenge. She wanted something nice enough looking that she could carry it to church. She said colors of gray, black or brown. Here is what I picked out for her....there are pockets on the outside and inside....

Here is a peek on the inside....

It was fun to make and my mother was very pleased with it. I used 1 yard of the black-on-black print and 1 yard of the white with black print. I used a little bit of solid black for beding around the top and the top of the pockets.

I've got the fabric to now make one for a friend of my mother. That one will have a lining of fabric with University of Georgia Bulldog print since her friend is a big Bulldog fan.

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