Monday, November 17, 2008

Quick Quilts for Kids

Here is a quick quilt I love to make for kids. It's simply 2 pieces of fabric, 1 yard each. Place batting between the two pieces and free motion quilt all over the quilt. You can also do straight-line grid quilting if you prefer. It's a good way to practice your free motion quilting. You can practice outlining the design on the fabric. Then of course bind the quilt in a coordinating fabric. Wash and hand to a little one. You end up with a quilt about 35 x 40 inches.

I made this one last year for a toddler who loves Dora The Explorer.

This is a time to have fun with fabrics. I had bought the cow print a few years earlier with no idea of how I would use it. My little grand-nephew loves animals and to make animal noises so this was the perfect quilt for him.

The following two were for my little grand-nieces

This one was made with baby flannel. Both sides are from the same fabric.

Have fun quilting!

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