Sunday, December 23, 2007

Storage for Viking d-cards

With my Viking Quilt Designer II came 4 stitch d-cards and 2 Embroidery d-cards. D-cards are used in some Viking models to allow access to other stitches and Embroidery designs. These little cards have the information stored on the back in a little computer chip. I quickly saw I needed a way to store my d-cards to keep them safe and clean. So, I made a d-card pocket. This is what it looks like from the outside folded up.

I cut a piece of fabric for the outside 10 x 13 inches. I cut another 10x13 piece for the inner lining. Then a 10x13 piece of low-loft batting and a piece of muslin. I layered the outer fabric, batting and muslin together like a quilt "sandwich". I sewed a straight stitch around the edges to keep the layers in place. Then I used decorative stitches and embroidery stitches from my QD II to decorate the fabric and quilt the layers together. Here is the complete's difficult to see some of the stitching I did in white thread but you get the general idea.

For the inside, I cut two pieces of clear vinyl 5-1/2 x 10 inches for the pockets. Using a coordinating fabric, I cut 1-inch strips to bind what will be the upper edges of the pockets. I sewed the binding on one long end of the vinyl. Then I places the vinyl on the insiding lining fabric, aligning the raw vinyl long edge to the outside short edge of the fabric. I wanted my pockets to be open to the inside so once I fold the case, the cards aren't going to slide out. I then sewed a seam in two places on the vinyl --- making 3 pockets on each piece of vinyl. Next, I put the lining fabric with the quilted outside, wrong sides together and basted the edges. I attached a binding like I would for a quilt and the d-card case was done.

This was a good chance to try some of the different stitches and feet of my new sewing machine. Two fat quarters of fabric was enough to complete the outiside, inside and binding. I made mine to hold the 6 cards that came with the machine. You could modify this to hold more cards if you wanted. Another improvement would be to put a ribbon on it so it could be tied closed or a piece of velcro to keep it closed.

When sewing on the vinyl, use presser foot H --- the vinyl will not stick to the foot and the materials will feed properly through the machine.

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