Thursday, December 13, 2007

Other things in my life

I love to watch Project Runway on Bravo. I don't watch much TV but am obsessed with Project Runway! Since it comes on at 10:00 pm my time I record it on DVR and watch it the next day. I just finished watching last night's episode...the one where Jack leaves and Chris comes back. I was glad to see Chris come back but hated to see Jack leave, especially under those circumstances. I cringed during the runway critique part because I didn't want to see any of the bottom three leave. Sad to see Stephen leave :(

I was happy for Christian. That was a fierce outfit he made for the lady.

I also thought this "every day woman" challenge was much better than Season 3's version. They should not have let the Season 3 designers choose who they would design for, it should have been assigned to them. But that's just my opinion and Bravo doesn't consult with me :)

Of course for all things Project Runway you must read and

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