Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Drag around quilts

These are quick and easy quilts for little ones to drag around. I've made some in the past. Recently I made 3 for 3 little boys in a family I know. The oldest of the boys is 4, the youngest was just born a few days ago.

These are just 1 yard cuts of fabric put together with batting and then free-motion quilted. I try to quilt around the motif on one side of the quilt, such as around the Cars on the car quilt.

Baby quilt - letters on the blue side and circles on the yellow side.

Doggie quilt - Dalmations with fire hydrants on one side, little bones & balls on the other with a dalmation print binding.

The Cars quilt - with a small black & white check for the binding.
These size quilts are fun to do and kids love the size because it's easy to carry in the car or in a small overnight bag to Grandma's.

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