Sunday, January 20, 2008

Quilt basting

I pulled out a quilt top that I made a few years ago and tried to baste it this weekend. I thought this should be easy with quilt basting spray. I recently tried quilt basting spray and did not have good results. Then I found out I tried spray that was meant for cotton batting when I had polyester batting. This time I tried a different type of spray that said it would work on any type of batting.


I carefully laid out the layers of the queen size quilt and basted according to instructions. I am doing in-the-ditch-stitching on this quilt, so this shouldn't be very difficult. WRONG! The layers started shifting! I've sewed, ripped, sewed, and ripped. I spent most of today ripping out and smoothing out half of the quilt. Along with the spray basting, I used some safety pins.

I think I may have it relatively okay at this point. Of course, I had 2 cats "helping" me along the way by sleeping on the quilt as I basted.

Weather update
We had more snow this weekend! It snowed most of Saturday but instead of snow accumulation, we ended up with about an inch of ice. Thank goodness I didn't have to go anywhere.

The dog enjoyed sitting on the front porch and watching the snow.

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