Saturday, December 20, 2014

Working on UFO's

A couple of months ago I went through my stuff look for tops that needed quilting. I found 9! Some are not tops I made but are ones I bought. I have one on my frame that I'm hand quilting. This was a vintage bow-tie quilt I bought.

This is a vintage 4 patch that was machine pieced. Most of the fabrics look like they are from the 70's. There's some polyester going on in there. I machine quilted 1/4-inch on each side of the seams.

See Dumbo?

This vintage top was hand pieced. I was having a hard time getting a picture of the complete quilt. The strips make squares to a certain point. Then there are just strips on each end.

I've been watching a class by Leah Day about Free Motion Quilting on I did some practice on this quilt top.

This is the back I pieced together from older fabrics in my stash.

Two down, 7 more to go! Most of the remaining ones will be machine quilted. I have two vintage scrappy 9-patch left to quilt. Also, tops I've pieced include a scrappy 1-patch, pink and white snowball, Celestial Sampler (stars and angels), and Thimbleberries pattern of pine tree blocks.

I need to get busy preparing backing and basting.


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