Friday, October 31, 2014

Back to blogging!

So it's been years since I updated my blog, oh well. I'm not even going to try to recap the last few years but just focus on I've gotten my sewing mojo back. 

My nieces and nephews have produced a few children in the last few years, so I will start with some pictures of baby quilts. 

The oldest great-nephew in this picture already has a quilt so I made him a fleece blanket.

For the littlest one, I did this sea theme quilt:

This picture is showing the front and the back.

 For the girl in the family, I did this with flowers and butterflies on one side and ladybugs on the other side:

This is the braided edge on the fleece blanket. I got the instructions from 

I didn't use the bent paper clip like she did. I just used my fingers to connect the pieces.

This is my blanket/quilt tester. His name is Chuck Norris. 

More pictures to come in a few days!

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