Saturday, January 17, 2009

Goodbye to Joe

A few years ago I made a friend online from Michigan. I have been able to met her in person a few times, along with her husband Joe. They were high school sweethearts who parted ways as teens, married others, had kids, and divorced the others. About 20 years ago they got back together and were still madly in love with each other. They had been living in Michigan for a number of years. This past October they moved to Kentucky to escape the harsh Northern winters. A few weeks after they moved they were in a motorcycle accident. Joe was thrown over the windshield of the motorcycle. His wife, Babe, was okay because she was strapped in the side car. Joe has been in the hospital since that day.

This afternoon Joe passed away. His body could take no more. His wife was with him when he left this world.

Joe was a published author of 2 books. He was charming and fun to talk to. He made friends everywhere he went. He loved animals. Most of all he loved his dear wife.

Goodbye Joe. You fought a good fight, now is time for rest. Goodbye Mr. Author.

Babe, you know my heart is breaking for you.

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